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Holidaying in Benidorm

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Benidorm is a popular holiday destination often referred to as a cross between Blackpool and Las Vegas. It’s a coastal town, so it boasts lots of the clean beeches all holidaymakers wish for. Benidorm’s beach-maintenance is taken very seriously, the sand spotlessly clean. One thing to remember is that dogs are forbidden from the sands. [...]

A Guide To Spanish Motorway Tolls

June 22, 2012 by  
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Motorways in Spain are among the best in Europe. Roads are generally well maintained and have excellent signage to guide you on your travels, especially if you are visiting from abroad and hire a car on arrival in Spain to explore the country. Spanish motorways are also among the most costly in Europe to use [...]

Discover The Costa Blanca’s Best Beaches

Every year holiday makers flock to Spain for several reasons, the fabulous weather, the great food, and not least the wonderful beaches. The Costa Blanca region of the country has some fantastic beaches with things to do for people of all ages. One of the busiest beaches at the height of summer is Playa de [...]

Top 5 Beaches In Spain

August 3, 2011 by  
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Spain continues to be a very popular holiday destination for many, partly due to its fantastic Mediterranean climate. With beautiful and pristine coastlines, a major attraction for many people is the tide-less beaches. And if you’re planning a holiday in Spain, then there are five top places to go if you want to enjoy the [...]

What to do in Benidorm

June 23, 2011 by  
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Benidorm is the top destination for Costa Blanca holidays. There are numerous attractions to see in Benidorm and tourists on a holiday lasting a week or two will undoubtedly not fit them all in. With such a variety of things to see, it is easy to see why so many people decide to go back [...]

Join The Tomato Flinging Mayhem At La Tomatina In Spain

During August every year the small town of Bunol on the Costa Blanca is guaranteed to provide a once in a lifetime experience for anybody taking a holiday in Spain – La Tomatina. Over 30,000 people converge on the normally peaceful town to join 9,000 locals in hurling lorry loads of tomatoes at one another [...]

Costa Blanca Golf Courses – 5 of the best

The Costa Blanca is well known as one of Spain’s most sought after Mediterranean destinations. It boasts pristine beaches as well as immaculate golf courses. The Costa Blanca features beautiful weather year round and offers numerous historical towns and villages. These are all wonderful to explore while sampling the local cuisine and fine wines at [...]

Tourist Attractions in Costa Blanca

When taking a holiday away, it can take quite a bit of stimulation to make it worth the travel. The tourist attractions in Costa Blanca make it possible for you to spend your trip in the most relaxing or enjoyable way you wish. Locations like theme parks and zoos, and activities like karting and hot [...]

Costa Blanca Restaurants

During your next holiday, you should make it a priority to find ways to spend your time that are unique to your destination. Tour a cathedral built of medieval architecture, or maybe visit an art museum with paintings done by local artists. Another way to get a flavor for the culture of a country, region, [...]

Special Events and Festivals in Costa Blanca

The region of Alicante celebrates several outstanding cultural festivals each year, unique to the region and special in the hearts of the people of Spain. These special events and festivals in Costa Blanca mark important dates in Spanish history and in the history of its primary religion, Catholicism. The main events are the festival of [...]

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